The Second Intellectual Output Is Published

The main goal of this guidebook is to introduce students, along with various hunting tourism stakeholders, to evaluating the economic impact of hunting tourism at various regional levels. The book aims to provide the reader with basic knowledge concerning the evaluation methods in economics and consequently to provide support in understanding, evaluating, and interpreting the research that focuses on hunting tourism and how it affects the surrounding economy. In other words, the emphasis is on preparing the reader to understand the methods rather than actually implementing them in research. For anyone interested in conducting an impact assessment, the guidebook provides a general view of the methodological alternatives and suggests further reading materials. The book is designed so that the reader does not need prior studies in economics. After reading this guidebook, the reader will be able to determine c what the economic impact of hunting tourism means, c which methods are suitable for assessing the impact of interest, c what kinds of data, materials, and software are needed, c what types of results can be produced and how they can be interpreted, and c what assumptions are involved. With this knowledge, the reader will be able to evaluate, for example, whether the used research method is suitable for the research question and materials or whether the method has been applied appropriately. Moreover, they will be able to decide how strong conclusions can be drawn based on the research findings and to what extent various studies are comparable.

The guidbook can be downloaded here.

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