The Third Intellectual Output Is Here!

A new study material has been released, primarily intended for educational purposes in the field of hunting tourism. The guidebook offers valuable insights into the basics of hunting tourism, providing a clear understanding of the basic characteristics of a hunting tourism destination. It is an essential tool for students interested in researching topics related to hunting and hunting tourism.

The guidebook offers case studies from four different countries, including the Czech Republic, Serbia, Finland, and Hungary, which share similarities but also have many differences in hunting management and hunting traditions. These case studies offer students a glimpse into each country's approach to hunting and their method of organizing hunting and hunting tourism.

The primary goal of the guidebook is to present methodological possibilities for evaluating hunting tourism potential in different countries. It presents various methods that can be used to answer questions related to hunting tourism destination assessment, indicating the factors that influence hunting tourism development the most.

One of the methods of evaluation includes assessing the four elements of a hunting tourism destination, including location, natural resources, human resources, and hunting tourism infrastructure and services. These methods rely heavily on quantitative datasets and scoring methods, while another method is based more on qualitative analysis.

The guidebook provides precisely described methodology for evaluating hunting tourism potential, which can be helpful to students during their research. It can also guide them to estimate the potential of other hunting tourism destinations that are the topic of their research.

Finally, the guidebook summarizes its findings in the Czech, Finnish, Hungarian, and Serbian languages, making it accessible to a broader audience in the countries included in the case studies.

In conclusion, this new guidebook is an essential tool for students and researchers interested in the field of hunting tourism. Its insights and methodologies can help them understand the basics of hunting tourism and evaluate its potential in different countries.

For downloading the output, click here.

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